3 July 2018


Despite using Caribbean Tan products for the past few years I've never tried their Tanning Wipes.
This box of 6 was given to me in a "goodie" bag recently and isn't technically a sample as they do normally retail in a box of 6, but I'm running with it for my upcoming Sunday's post.

Caribbean Tan do a host of tanning products and my "go to" is the "Tan in a Can" 

Tan in a Can Review

I'm looking forward to try the Tanning wipes, as they're not only ideal for travel, 
but they're great for touch ups.
This week I'm going to get my winter tan on and try these tanning wipes,
so check back on Sunday to see if I had success or not.
Let me know in the comments below if you have used tanning wipes and how you 
find them.

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