29 July 2018


Having bought four products from The Ordinary last year, whilst
in the UK, I thought it maybe of interest to you if I did a post 
on my overall thoughts and hopefully it can allow you to make
more informed choices about these serums.

Now... I understand that trying and using only four products is not a huge
deal in the bigger picture of the products they have to offer, but I 
feel its given me a good overview and understanding of why there have been
so mixed reviews since it burst onto the beauty scene
 a couple of years ago.

You can read more about the origins of the brand etc by reading my 
first post from a year ago.

I'm going to link my full reviews in the order that I posted
  enabling you to read my original thoughts and understand each 
product better.


The Ordinary claim that this combination of Caffeine and EGCG can help reduce
 puffiness and dark circles in the eye contour. 

Nearly a year down the line I'm still using this serum under my eye creams 
either am or pm or both, so it has worked out to be extremely good value in terms
of price and with regards to effectiveness I stand by my original review
where I mention that it all depends on the cause of the dark circles, as to how well
you feel that this product works.

Is it a product I need to have in my life?
Yes and No 
(which I understand may not help you greatly in your product 

I do enjoy using this eye serum and hopefully it is helping to reduce puffiness
and lessen my dark circles, but I'm only going to really know
once I stop using and to be honest for the price it's not worth me
 excluding it from my daily routine, however I'm not going to go panic if 
I can't re-purchase however if I'm going overseas 
i'll most probably pick up another bottle.


Out of the four serums that I tried this is without doubt my favourite
and is definitely a "gem" and I will be re-purchasing.
Again I've still not finished the bottle, so it offers excellent value both
on the price front and in terms of effectiveness.
I would advise caution when using this product as they advise 
not to leave on the skin for longer than 10 minutes.
Over this past year of using I forgot the one occassion and left mine on for 
10 mins and I could feel the intensity building of the tingle and the burn, which was the panic alarm to remove quickly.
I find that my max tolerance time with this chemical peel is around 8 minutes.


Matrixyl was the most difficult products to give
you feedback on, as it's a Peptide serum with Hyaluronic Acid, that silently
 works away and doesn't give you
any obvious quick results, it's a long term ongoing treatment.
I stopped using this serum, as I really didn't enjoy the formula,
so I won't be re-purchasing.

The HA serum review was only posted couple of weeks ago,
as I kept going back to the product to basically give it another chance to
impress me, but sadly it didn't.
This is one of the Hero products from The Ordinary and the one that everyone 
seems to raves about, but for me it was another fail due to the texture of the product 
and I wouldn't re-purchase.

 My reviews are like so many others that I've read as its 
of a mixed bag, of likes and dislikes.
The one factor that works in this brands favour is the price
and to be honest if you buy a product and it's not for you then you haven't
wasted too much money.
On the other hand I bought 4 products and I only found one that
is a real keeper in my beauty regime. I found it was often the sticky texture of 
the serums on my skin that let them down, they seemed to lack a 
refinement that other more expensive brands offer and to be perfectly honest
I would rather fore go the cheap price for a quality product that I will actually
 apply and enjoy.
However after saying that I would recommend that you give 
The Ordinary a try, as you may find a little gem as I found in 
product no.2 the AHA Peeling Solution.

This brand has, without doubt gained some very loyal followers
but its also been shrouded in controversy and 
if any of you have been following 
Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company
 on Instagram you will know all about the strange and somewhat 
confusing rants by its founder and CEO
Brandon Truaxe.

The price point of their products is amazing and its allowed
previously prohibitive serums like
Retinols,Hyaluronic Acid,Vitamin C and so many more to not only
be more easily accessible but also extremely affordable.
But I have to say its left me feeling rather doubtful
about The Ordinary brand as a whole, as its lost some of its 
initial "serum sparkle" and in my opinion is over hyped.

Let me know what your views on this brand and what products
you have tried...

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