1 July 2018


It's "Monthly Favourites" time again, technically I do
a post highlighting my "faves" only every two months, as I want to bring
you my very best products that have been tried and tested.
My focus is predominantly skin care and as I've said, a zillion
times before, I always put serious treatment products to the test 
for a minimum of 3 months or until they've been completely finished,
in order for me to bring to you a more accurate and fair review of the product.
You will never find me writing a blogpost giving you the lowdown on 
 day/night creams ,serums or eye creams 
after a couple of weeks usage or worse still after a couple of days.
Hopefully that's my point of difference between Beauty Shout Box and many 
of the other beauty blogs out there.
If you are passionate about skincare then read on to find out what I feel 
is worth a spending your hard earned money on...



Toleriane Ultra 

Whether you suffer from a sensitised, allergy prone skin or not this is
a product that I can I highly recommend you have in your
"Skincare Wardrobe".
I always have on hand, and have for many years, a product that can be 
used day or night to either calm, and in my particular case rest my skin from a
 continual bombardment of active, anti-ageing products.
I don't have a sensitive skin, but on the odd occasion that a product
slightly irritates it, I like to reach for a fragrance free cream 
that just simply gives my skin some soothing balance and this
products fills that need perfectly.




Bonjour Nudista
Awakening Skin Tint

I had been in pursuit of this kind of "no make-up make-up" product
for literally years and after several disastrous attempts
I finally found the Bonjour Nudista from L'Oréal.



Smooth Sugars
Glow Scrub

Again I keep telling my readers that an exfoliator is a "non negotiable"
in a good skincare regime.
I have used one since my late teens and cannot stress enough the
 importance of using one and this new one from 
L'Oréal is both great and affordable.



Anti-Ageing Serum

This Anti-Ageing Serum from mineraline was my surprise product over the past
couple of months.
I'm enjoying both using this product and the way it makes my skin feel and best
of all the whole range is affordable and easily accessible 
from Dischems around the country.
I will be reviewing more products from this brand in the future and look forward to bringing my honest findings.

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