7 April 2019


Despite having heard nothing but good things about Sarah Chapman skincare products 
I can't say that any of her products were on my skincare wish list, that was until I was offered the option of one for free, no charge, gratis...

On my visit to the UK back in November last year, obviously SpaceNK was on my
places to visit along with a skincare shopping list and this visit, luckily for me,
 happened to coincide 
with Black Friday weekend sales and offers.

SpaceNK had a choice of free gifts available depending on the amount of your spend
and as my spend was over £150 I' had a pretty good selection of free gifts to choose
from and that's how I ended up with this 
Sarah Chapman Skinesis Hydrating Booster Serum 
that currently retails for £64.
I can't actually remember the other gift items on offer, but I thought this would be a perfect 
opportunity to experience some of the Sarah Chapman magic.

I do love a good Hydrating serum and having used one daily for many years,this one from Sarah Chapman appears to go that step further by intensely boosting the skin in times of stress 
or if the skin has been compromised.

As I have never reviewed anything from Sarah Chapman previously, here is a brief overview 
of her and her brands ethos:

"Founder, CEO and product formulator Sarah Chapman is widely regarded as one of the UK’s premier skincare authorities. With advanced training in cosmetic science, Sarah delivers highly effective treatments and products founded on cutting-edge clinical research."

"Sarah’s discreet Skinesis clinic in Chelsea, London, is the ultimate destination for those in pursuit of perfect skin, with a 12-week waiting list for a much-coveted facial appointment. Her inimitable results have earned her a long list of loyal clients, from A-list celebrities and beauty editors to socialites and facial obsessives everywhere."

"The Sarah Chapman brand philosophy fuses potent, high-performance scientific actives with powerful botanicals. Skinesis formulas are infused with restorative natural scents to deliver a multi-sensory skincare experience that delivers exceptional results."

The Skinesis Intense Hydrating Booster Serum is formulated to hydrate and moisturise stressed out skin, this targeted serum offers much-needed cooling relief and works to soothe, repair and protect environmentally damaged and unbalanced skin.
This multi-tasking, oil free serum works to enhance the moisture levels in the skin and activate its natural defences. Formulated with a mix of supercharged cosmeceutical ingredients, rose water, moisture magnets and hyaluronic acid, it helps to protect, rehydrate and plump up the skin.
Key Benefits:
Leaves the skin with a fresh, dewy glow
Skin feels refreshed and soothed
Skin’s immune system is strengthened
Acts as the ideal makeup base 
Helps to prevent breakouts 
Works to minimise fine lines

Hydrating serums are often the first type of serum the majority of us will introduce into our skin care routines and can be used by all skin types, as the majority do need some help with hydration, so whether you have a sensitive, dry, normal, oily or combination skin the earlier you can introduce a hydrating serum the better and if you haven't yet, then you need to be seriously considering one...
The texture of this supercharged "Booster Serum" from Sarah Chapman has a lightweight, silky, yet slightly runny feel and a little really does go a long way, so be warned that even though the glass pipette helps to guide you with the quantity dispensed, its a genuine case of "less is more", so don't do what I did and continually dispensed too much for the first few weeks, which was such a waste.
As with all hydrating serums you apply onto a clean face, allow to settle and dry and then follow with your day cream or night cream.Its advisable that this serum be useda.m & p.m for maximum results to re-balance and set your skin back on track.
A top tip from Sarah Chapman is to mix several drops into your face mask in order to give it a supercharged boost, which I'm going to try soon.
This boosting serum can very easily be incorporated in to your existing skincare regime regardless of the brand.

I found the serum easy to use and incorporate into my current routine, but if I'm honest
I found it a little underwhelming, especially as this product is one of the brands "Hero" products. 
Serums often work silently beneath the skin and don't reflect too obviously on the skins surface, but I have to say I was expecting a bit more of a skin "Boosting" effect.
However that being said I must point out that I do and have taken very good care of my skin for the past 45yrs + and for my age I do have a good balanced skin, so sometimes I find it difficult to visible notice any changes.

I have no doubt though, that if your skin has been neglected and is needing an all round
then this serum, for sure, would work its



Not available in South Africa



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