26 April 2019


Shock and Surprise 
here's another Friday Feedback post making this two for 2019.
I would really like to do these posts on a more regular basis, as it updates you on any previous product reviews that I've posted.
The updates may include "The Good, The Bad" and of course "The Ugly", as with continued use my opinions on some products can change for various reasons.

The Living Proof Restore Hair Mask Treatment  is one such product where 
I have done an almost 360 degree turn on. 

Having featured it in a Sunday Sample post, as it was a deluxe sample that I tried,
I continued to use for several more weeks after my initial review and with each use I have just fallen in love more and more with this mask, so much so its been added to my 
UK Shopping List.
The "jury is still out" with regards to the hair strengthening claim, but based on
the condition of my hair and the fact that I have been using a hair mask weekly and my hair doesn't feel overloaded with product... is a good sign. 
If you want to know all the details on this hair mask then check out my original review


One of my fairly recent product reviews was on the Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser 
and whilst I liked it, I couldn't see what all the hype was about, as in my opinion there were far better concealers out there.

My one concern was the sponge applicator that had to be clicked round to dispense
which seemed a "faff" but it really didn't bother me after a while.
Also the sponge applicator didn't crumble or become "gross", as I first anticipated.

Another cool feature of this concealers packaging, which you only see with continued use,  it appears that every drop is used, as you can see exactly how much is left in the glass bottle, as the sides are perfectly clean of the product.
I would love to see other brands adopt some of this packaging technology.

What I have also experienced with use, is that I'm going through this concealer fairly quickly.
With regards to performance it still settles into the lines under my eye area, but its become one of my "go to" concealers for my everyday barely there make-up look.

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