11 April 2019


I've been intending to write this post for such a long time and today I've finally
done it...I have compiled my list of favourite mascaras.
Every January I write separate posts  for my "Top" Skincare/Make-up/Hair and Body Care products from the previous year and whist I do include mascaras, this is purely focused on 5 mascaras that I highly rate and more importantly use on a regular basis.

If you want to see which beauty products I rated during 2018

MASCARA what would we do without it, its been a great invention and I know I wouldn't be a happy bunny if mascara disappeared from my life, as I'm sure is the case for many.
They help to open up the eye area, as well as give the illusion of length, volume, curl and thickness to short, sparse, straight and thin lashes.
We just love our mascaras, hence why we are constantly being bombarded with new ones
making the decisions even more daunting.

I have chosen my top 5 based on what I personally require from a mascara and after many years of "trial and error" I have my "Mascara Wardrobe".

I'm looking for a mascara that has a smallish brush (the brush is key for me) 
feels good in my hand and is easy to wield around my sparse line up of lashes.
It must be black, non waterproof, non flake, non smudge and basically make my own lashes look long, voluminous and glamorous, it must literally "do it all".

My list is in no particular order and I hope it helps you with any future purchases
and I have included all the Pink Links to my original reviews.
I have also include the updated prices.


L'Oréal Unlimited Mascara
and since my review it unfortunately still hasn't been launched here in SA, 
but fortunately for "moi", I have got a supply of back-ups.
I just adore everything about this mascara and the added bonus is the angled brush
that makes mascara life so much easier, so if you're looking for a good all round black
mascara that is easy to apply, especially on those sparse awkward to reach lashes 
then this is the one to consider.
(N/A in SA)


Mascara has been my most recent discovery and it came via the M&S Beauty Advent Calendar 2018.
This is the mascara I reach for on those days where I'm not looking for a more natural
lash look. The brush is what I enjoy most about this mascara as its fine and separates
the lashes well for that more natural lash, so there's no false lash look with this 

(I didn't do a full review on this mascara, but included it in a QPR review rather and since that review Ive added it to my UK Shopping List, as I love it for those no make -up, make-up days.
(N/A in SA)


benefit Roller Lash 
has been a "fave" of mine for several years now and it really is as good as everyone says.Again the brush is key to the effectiveness of this mascara.It seems to grab hold of the shortest of lashes and effortless coats,curls and lifts.


makes it two from L'Oréal that have made it onto my Top 5 list and L'Oréal
in my opinion have "nailed it" when it comes to both mascaras and foundations
you really can't go wrong.
I'm happy to inform you that this mascara is now available in SA in both this and the waterproof version, so if again its thick, full lashes you're looking for then look no further

To read my full review


benefit BADgal BANG 
is my second choice from the US brand benefit and again they for me, come out tops 
when it comes to mascaras.
This was also a recent purchase and I again I rate this one highly and if its
a false Lash look your looking for then this is one to try and what's nice about benefit, they have travel sizes of both the BADgal BANG and the Roller Lash making it easier 
to buy a smaller size to try before deciding to purchase the full size.

There are many other mascaras that I could recommend, but I've kept this list to my absolute Top 5, that I regularly use & re-purchase.
Let me know in the comments below if you agree with any of my choices or better still let me know which are your "faves", as I'm always looking for new ones to try...


  1. Benefit Roller lash is also one of my favourite mascaras and I have repurchased a few times already. I liked the L'Oreal Paradise mascara but found that it dried out very quickly. I think I must buy myself a mini of the Badgal mascara to see it I like it.

  2. Hi Hanneri, yes definitely try the BADgal Bang especially if you like the Roller Lash, the other mascara from benefit that would have been on my list, if I had chosen 6, would be They're Real.
    I've heard a couple of people mention that about the L'Oreal Paradise, but I've never experienced that and I'm on about my 3rd or 4th now, but they were all bought overseas though. It does get a bit messy around around the nozzle of the tube though.