Monday, 12 November 2012


As you may have read in an earlier blog re Lush click here to read I really enjoy their Stepping Stone Foot Scrub and their foot lotions.....

Volcano Foot Mask 125g R100 Stepping Stone Foot Scrub R40

Lush is in Cape Town and I am in Durban, so if Lush isn't coming to me, then I have to "make a plan" and a plan I made! I will be visiting your store over the Christmas period, so I can stock up on some more goodies then!

My parcel arrived via a friend containing some more Stepping Stones and the Volcano Foot Mask....which I had never tried before. I was really excited to use a foot mask, as this is often an neglected area both by ourselves and the brands out there.

This China Clay foot mask contains pumice, papaya, tomatoes, menthol crystals, lemon oil and cinnamon leaf oil and all go into creating this cleaning, exfoliating, repairing, moisturising, deodorising and stimulating "Volcanic" foot mask.
As directed, I applied in a thick film over my feet and then wrapped in plastic wrap...don't be tempted to miss the plastic wrap out as this adds to the then put your feet up and leave for 10mins.

I must pre warn you that the fragrance of this mask is very much of the Kaolin clay, but it's far away from your nose, so it's bearable...the other warning is about the heat that is generated by both the ingredients and from being enclosed in the plastic wrap. You soon realise that the name "Volcano" is very that's what it feels exactly like, but in a pleasant way.

As you rinse ensure that you massage in the mask at the same time, as the pumice then wonderfully removes the  dead cells. Before it is time to dry your feet you can feel the menthol coolness and your feet feel fantastic, wonderfully soft, smooth and most definitely alive and refreshed....a must for anyone who stands on their feet all day. The cooling effect lasted long after the mask had been removed, which was great. If you feel like you need a foot lotion or cream then apply but mine felt moisturised enough..

Would I buy this product again? Yes Yes fact I have several deserving friends that need this product as a Christmas gift!

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