30 January 2019


Despite having never used anything from the British brand Ciaté London I had heard of
this WONDERWAND Mascara, as it's one of their best sellers.
So you can imagine how excited I was to find this full size mascara behind door 23 on 
my feeluinique beauty advent calendar.

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Firstly I must make mention of the beautiful packaging of this mascara, its
silver mirror style wand covered in white stars is simply stunning and the
product feels both heavy and quality in the hand and for this I give

The Ciaté WONDERWAND Mascara is an intensely volumising mascara and makes some serious claims with regard to its performance based on a consumer panel survey.

After using the Ciaté WONDERWAND Mascara the panel reported:

x19 more volume in three coats

95.4% saw 24hr long wear results

96.4% saw intense lash volume and curl

95.5% saw extreme lash length 

I found this carbon black formula to coat the lashes well and be long wearing, smudge and flake proof, however with regards to the "intense lash and curl" I personally found the unique shaped brush too large for my length of lashes,therefore I couldn't achieve the grip on the lashes to put the length and curl claim to the test.
I personally found this mascara to have a very wet formula and needed some cleaning up
after application, both on the brush and around my eye
 which can happen with many wetter type mascaras.
I also had to wait in between coats for the mascara to dry otherwise it just 
formed clumps on the lashes.
With regards to the removal, I had to try several of my eye make-up removers in order
to find one that removed the mascara fully, as its not the quickest or easiest to remove.

Even though I generally prefer this type of formula over a drier formulation I just found it to be too much work...with application and removal.

Ciaté WONDERAND is Paraben & Gluten free, Vegan Friendly and Anti Cruelty

If you are looking for a high drama false lash look then certainly
give this WONDERWAND a try, but sadly it wasn't my ideal mascara.


Not sure who stocks Ciaté in SA
Foschini and Woolworths use to, but I couldn't find any products on their



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