20 January 2019


After buying several Caudalie products whilst overseas in November I was given 
several samples to try and the Moisturising Mask was amongst them.
 I purposely left this sample to take back over with me, as I knew that two trips back to back could potentially throw my skin into a bit of "skincare spin".
Fortunately my "skincare spin" didn't happen and that was partially due to
other Caudalie products that I'm trying out (but more about those in the future).

Originating in vineyards in Bordeaux, Caudalie recycles the grape seed oil usually thrown away during harvesting to produce pioneering natural formula's that create an effective and luxurious beauty range.

Having used a couple of Caudalie products previously I now
have several more to try out and I can already see that this French Skincare brand
is going to be a firm favourite of mine.

 After 3 weeks in the cold winter of Europe and then home to South Africa 
for just 3 weeks and back again to the UK for 3 weeks you can imagine my skin was feeling parched, and somewhat stressed.
This surprisingly lightweight Moisturising Mask is the ultimate treatment and certainly packs a beauty punch for dehydration. 

Enriched with powerful, antioxidant-rich grape extracts – vinolevure to soothe and strengthen, grape seed oil to nourish and hyaluronic acid to attract and retain much-needed moisture – this revitalising mask infuses skin with precious nutrient to restore radiance and leave skin looking plump and dewy. 
My skin felt super moisturised,comforted, soothed and after two applications there were no signs any of the climatic damage that had taken place
 over the pat 9 weeks.
Hopefully I will have purchased the full size before I head back to SA.

The sachet sample allowed for two generous applications and is applied in 
the normal way
Apply a thick layer twice a week on face, neck, and around the eye area. 
Leave on for 15 minutes, then massage in the excess. 
Follow with serum and/or moisturiser.


(Available at Skinscosmetics
Sandton Shopping Centre)



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