24 February 2019


This is why I love a good Beauty Advent Calendar at Christmas time, as it provides
me with so many products to try and review for many months,
 some good and some not so good.

Todays reviews are all on products that came from Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar 2018 and the one is a bronzer and the other two are eye products.
(Unfortunately non of these brands are available in South Africa)


Brand : Autograph (M&S own in house brand)
Product : Luxe Multi Bronzer
Price : £12.50

When I opened the beauty advent calendar box that revealed this bronzer
wasn't ecstatic like I was about some of the other reveals, but how wrong I was to
have doubted this absolute gem of a bronzer,
This multi-shade bronzer features a range of soft, shimmering tones to create 
a gorgeous bronze glow on your skin. 
Select one shade and sweep across cheekbones or blend them all together.
I found this bronzer to be easy to use and so flattering with my skin tone, that Ive been 
reaching for it everyday.

Verdict : 8/10



Brand : EYEKO
Product : Lash Alert Mascara (Black)
Price : £19/£10
Size : 8ml/4ml

2017's M&S Beauty Advent Calendar also contained an EyeKo Mascara
Black Magic Drama & Curl 
which I thoroughly enjoyed and this year they have one of their other offerings
Lash Alert!
The curve brush separates, yet covers the lashes with product and it's buildable layer 
after layer with the added bonus of not a clump in sight.
It gives a very natural, lashes separated kinda look  and if that's what you like from your mascara then I can highly recommend the 
Lash Alert!

Verdict : 8/10



Brand : Diego Della Palma
Product : Eye Pencil (Black)
Price : £14.50

I was introduced to this Italian brand for the first time through the  
2017 M&S Beauty Advent Calendar with their 
Lash Booster Mascara

This year they have included one of their full size Eye Pencils in black.
Unfortunately I found this pencil to be quite hard and hence it dragged the skin around 
the eye, so I'm not a fan.
All I can really say 
"There are far better, softer eye pencils out there in the market".

Verdict : 5/10

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