Tuesday, 20 November 2012


A perfume is a combination of fragrance components each with different degrees of volatility. The different scent ingredients are called “notes”.A good quality perfume is a delicate blend of top, middle (heart), and base (bottom) notes.

The shape of a pyramid can best illustrate the development and longevity of scent on the skin.

The evaporation process of a perfume is from the top- the very lightest and most volatile, to the base- the most stable.  The process should easily flow from one stage to another. A fragrance that “falls apart” in stages is poorly formulated and badly constructed.

The beginning should be neither too strong nor too discreet and played by a few carefully selected top notes which awaken the senses and attract the attention.

Then come the softer, mellower middle or heart notes which blend together to prolong the effect of the initial top notes or create a complete contrast.

The masterpiece ends with the lingering presence of the base notes which create the memories of the perfume.

The life of a fragrance on the skin, the development from top to bottom notes, is called “dry down”.

So when you are next trying a new fragrance remember to allow the different notes to develop before you rush into buying! 
The fragrance must be one that draws you "in" and if you keep going back to smell your wrist constantly, then the chances are its the "one for you".

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