Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Trind Cosmetics is a Dutch company which develops unique products in the field of hand and nail care and is a range that I love! 
The Trind Caring Color Line offers a fascinating palette of fashionable shades for fabulous nails. Color Lacquer that has specially been developed as a maintenance system. 

They have recently launched a Limited Edition Spring/Summer 2012 Colour Range and I tried the lilac colour. 
The colour goes on nicely, but as with most pale colours you need to apply two coats for overall even coverage. It also seemed to dry quicker than other brands that I have used and "so far so good" with regards to the "chip" factor.
They will be launching any day now, another 48 nail colours in their top Edgar's 
Trind doors and they will retail for R123, so look out for those...

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