24 October 2018


Here's a quick round-up of some skincare products that I've finished over the
last couple of months.
Two are from the same brand and I must say that I do find it satisfying to finish a product 
completely and it's always a good sign.


I have absolutely loved using this Grape Water Spray from the French brand 
in fact so much so, that I've added several other Caudalie products
to me "UK Beauty Product Wish list".
(I will write a blog post next month telling you more about the products
that are on my list and why)
I have emptied out every last drop from the spray even though the 
last few sprays came out as stutters and spurts,but i wasn't wasting a drop. 


Another product that I have thoroughly enjoyed using was the 
LA ROCHE - POSAY Micellar Water.
Having reviewed several of their products to read all reviews  
I haven't used one yet that I haven't
enjoyed and it's a range well worth looking into if you suffer from a
sensitive/intolerant skin.


The third product that I've used every last drop of recently, is the 
LA ROCHE-POSAY Eye Make-Up Remover 
and I'm in two minds whether to re-purchase or buy from another brand.
I always strive to try a variety of brands in order to bring you my honest thoughts 
and opinions enabling you to weed out the "not so good" from the great products 
that are well worth a purchase. 
Even though I enjoyed this eye make-up and I would re-purchase,
 just not this next time.

To read my full review

Let me know in the comments below if any of the above are your favourites.
Also I would appreciate any Eye Make-Up Remover recommendations

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