31 March 2019


I doubt very much that Dior and elephant are ever mentioned in the same sentence,
but I have to initially mention the "Elephant in the Room" or should it be
 "Elephant on the blog",
and that is the price of the Dior Forever Glow Foundation, as it comes
in at a hefty R880.

I personally don't have any issue with parting with that kind of money, but it would be on a skincare product and not so much on make-up, for me skincare is priority and should always command the larger portion of any beauty budget.
If your beauty budget allows and your skincare regime is on point then lets look more into this new Forever Foundation from the deluxe French brand Dior.

Dior claims to take 24 hour complexion perfection to the next level with FOREVER.
Introducing the new Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation. With Dior's iconic long-wearing Forever foundation formula, now offered in a radiant finish, the complexion appears flawless and even and the pores tightened. 
A hydration booster, pansy extract helps protect the skin from drying.From morning to night, the perfect water-oil balance delivers a naturally vibrant, shine-free glow. 
Protective rose hip extract, which has been the star ingredient of Dior Forever for years, helps protect the quality of skin from exterior aggressors and reduce the appearance of dilated pores. 
 Instantly enhances the appearance of the skin and improves its quality day after day with a formula enriched in meticulously selected skincare ingredients.  The skin is protected from exterior aggressors and UVA and UVB rays with SPF 35 PA++ protection.
As you can see this foundation offers more skincare benefits than your average
 foundation some of which are cumulative,
(which obviously I can't vouch for after using only 4 times) 
 but personally I would prefer to rely on specific skincare products
to deal with issues of hydration and sun protection.

The Dior Forever Skin Glow has a fluid formula aimed for drier skins and offers a 
medium to full coverage, I would say it leans more to medium on me.
On a suitably prepped skin this foundation is super easy to apply, is buildable
and has a noticeable skincare feel about it.
With the promise of a flawless, long wearing, glowy complexion I was slightly
 disappointed on two of these points, firstly if you have an already flawless skin 
then this foundation will enhance that and look great, but lets be real here my skin
 passed the flawless stage many years ago, so I wasn't expecting any great 
improvement there.

On the "Long Wearing" front I found the foundation transferred easily, but I soon
remedied that by using the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.
With regards to the "Skin Glow" this is where I was the most disappointed,as I
didn't experience anything more than I could get from drugstore foundations and again
I remedied this on the one occasion by adding a couple of drops of a glow enhancer.
Even though I liked he foundation overall, I asked myself
"why would I part with R880 and then have to tweak it to give it some glow and stop
the transfer"

Dior Forever Skin Glow adapts to every skin tone and is available in 31 shades.
My shade was N3.

My recommendations:
If you are a Dior Devotee or have a flawless skin already and budget isn't an issue
 then you will no doubt love this foundation, so go for it.
If you have the cash to spend but your skincare is not up to par then without a doubt spend the R880 more wisely on skincare.
If this foundation doesn't fall into you budget at all, then don't worry there are plenty of good similar products out there that are more affordable.
This past week I have reviewed a great foundation from L'Oréal
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