27 March 2019


I'm starting off today's review with a important humorous
This was not a planned purchase, it was purchased in error.

Yes I stumbled upon this newer variant of my tried and tested 
 by accident, as I actually thought I was re-purchasing the same
and to be fair it's an easy error to make as the packaging is so similar.
I also wasn't aware that L'Oréal had launched a new Infallible foundation.

I reviewed the 24H Stay Fresh Foundation several years ago and its remained
one of my core foundations, along with around 4-5 others, and
depending on what I'm wanting from my foundation or my mood that day, determines 
which one I reach for, but generally I opt for the 24H Stay Fresh when full coverage
 is the order of the day.

Picture the scene back in January :
I'm standing in front of the L'Oréal stand in a Boots in the UK and faced with a 
3 for 2 promotion.
Excitement aside, I immediately picked up a back-up of their Unlimited Mascara,
one of my faves

and a bottle of the Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops 

which was on my shopping list and my third was a replacement Stay Fresh foundation.

Oblivious to my mistake, I did notice something different with the texture on application
and on further investigation I only then realised I had picked up the new, new to me, 

I could tell from the first application that this foundation was for me.
In my review of the 24H Stay Fresh I mentioned that I needed to moisturise extremely well before use,due to its matte finish, but that's not as necessary with the Fresh Wear, as it offers all the same long wearing, full coverage, but with a more dewy, hydrated and fresher finish.

In comparison to the formula of the new Fresh Wear is noticeably more liquid and has a truly weightless feeling on the skin, its smooth application is more forgiving when it comes to blending, yet it still offers that all important coverage.
Im happy to report that it doesn't look cakey and with wear I didn't experience any patchiness or separation and the colour stays true.

This formulation includes "Oxygen Technology" as denoted by the silver sticker, which happens to be the only difference on the packaging between the two variants. 

"Up to 24HR Fresh Wear Foundation provides medium-to-full buildable coverage 
that lasts all day and allows the skin to breathe. 
The formula's three oil absorbers resist sweat, water, and transfer. 
The ultra-thin liquid goes on smoothly to give a fresh, healthy-looking complexion that lasts. Colour stays true and blends in evenly, so your makeup looks fresh all day".

 Maybe with the exception of the 24H wear I personally cannot dispute any of the above brand claims, I can even back up the "Sweat Proof" claims, as living in a hot and humid climate it was certainly put to the test.
As I'm sure you can tell I'm loving this foundation and its definitely earned a place in my foundation collection and all at an affordable price.

There are only 16 shades available here in South Africa, as opposed to 31 internationally and my shade 
is 200 Golden Sand, which proved to be a good match for me.
 Non-comedogenic and formulated with an SPF 25, this foundation is suitable for all skin types. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried this foundation,
I'd love to hear your thoughts...


219.95 (Dischem)
239.00 (Clicks)
 Clicks are currently running a 3 for 2 promo
 until 4/4/19



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