14 March 2019


Every now and then I find myself being drawn to a beauty product that I wouldn't 
normally look at and its generally due to other bloggers/influencers raving about it. 

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer 
was one such product where the hype proceeded its appearance here in South Africa.
I've been hearing about this product for what seems like an age, so
I recently buckled under social media pressure and purchased one.
I feel duty bound here to inform you that all previous "pressure" purchases have 
not ended well and I hope this doesn't end up being featured in any upcoming
"Products I Regret Purchasing"  
"Products I Didn't Finish and Why".

Concealing products are a little like mascaras, as they're both "huge" business
for the cosmetic companies.
We as consumers are constantly replacing these two items, hence we're always being 
drawn in by the claims that X,Y,Z performs better than the one before etc. etc.

As you can imagine over a life long career in cosmetics and beauty I have
tried so many concealers and having gone through the cover spots and blemishes
phase, to pigmentation during pregnancy phase I'm now at a new cover and conceal phase.
I'm now looking for a product that will cover and conceal dark circles
 and shadows under my eyes and I have to say that
my favourite brand when it comes to concealing is
benefit as they have all of my concerns literally covered.

Lets see what the Maybelline Instant Anti Ageing Eraser has to offer.
Immediately I'm excited by the name choice, as who doesn't want to 
Instantly Erase signs of Ageing?
I know I do and this concealer is specifically for concealing dark circles and giving 
much needed radiance to the under eye area.

Let me first deal with the packaging, which I personally found highly irritating 
from the onset, as you have to keep clicking round the top plastic section in order 
to dispense the actual product onto the sponge applicator.
After saying that, the sponge applicator glides effortlessly over the skin and the
 product is easy to blend.
However with use the sponge applicator becomes, for the want of a better word,
*Maybelline do say that The Eraser Eye is protected with an anti-microbial system. 
Do not wet applicator. Wipe off excess eye concealer with dry tissue only.*
Seriously! what a "faff"

(I'll refrain from showing you pics of the sponge applicator after several weeks use)

What Maybelline have to say:

Instant Age Rewind® Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer. 
"This concealer for dark circles and fine lines instantly creates a radiant,
refreshed looking eye area. Infused with goji berry and Haloxyl™.

I enjoyed the ease of using this product and the shade match (Fair) was good 
for my skin tone.
On the concealing front I thought it performed reasonably well and it did 
brighten the under eye area thanks to the perfecting coloured pigments,
but on me, I found that the concealer, with wear, settled into the
 fine lines under my eyes (not a good look),which doesn't 
generally happen with my other concealers, whether they be budget or high end.

   Based on this short coming and the awful condition of the sponge with use,
I personally wouldn't buy again, but I can understand why this concealer is popular.

I'm pleased to inform you that this product won't be included in any future posts namely :

"Products I Regret Buying" 
"Products I Didn't Finish and Why" 

6.8 mls


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