Monday, 7 January 2013


As I wrote in a previous post my youngest otherwise stubborn son had allowed me to use him as as my "tester" for some Lush products for oily,spotty and problems skins,much to his annoyance.He is a perfect candidate as he has a typical 14 year old pubescent,erupting, hormonal skin!

I had steamed his face using the Tea Tree Toning Tablets with great success and now it was onto the Mask of Magnaminty, which is a deep cleansing/exfoliating face and back mask. 

Mask of Magnaminty

Green in colour this fresh peppermint,clay mask gives a delightful tingly-clean sensation once applied.Kaolin helps to draw out the impurities, Aduki beans are responsible for the exfoliation aspect of the mask,vanilla absolute also helps to calm redness and honey helps to soothe the skin.
Mask of Magnaminty was easy to apply and after 10-15 mins you massage off with a little water and rinse.You would need help with the application and removal if you use as a back mask...I would recommend that you use this mask before a shower,just for the ease of removing any remnants of the mask.

My son was suitably impressed with his skin after his mini facial...he even commented on how much cleaner,smoother and brighter his skin looked and felt....
Hello! What have I been trying to tell you for the last couple of years? Hopefully with some reminding from mum, he will continue on the "Lush" path to a brighter,clearer skin!

Mask of Magnaminty can be used weekly on all skin types,but avoid the eye area.
It retails for R170 for a 315g pot....which I think offers great value for a very effective product.Unfortunately Lush is only available at  the V&A Waterfront Cape Town,but they have plans to roll out more shops in 2013,so until then, we will have to make other plans to get some Lush into our lives via other means!

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