Friday, 4 January 2013


This has to be the cheapest product that I have reviewed to date! R12 to be exact....that's correct I haven't missed off one,two or even three zero''s not a typo error.

I have two teenage sons that seem intent on completely ignoring mothers advice on skin care, 35 years in the business stands for nothing in the mind of an 19 and 14 year old, so much for my powers of persuasion!
Lush has recently launched its first shop in Cape Town,South Africa and I bought some products last week during my "hols" down there...
I focused on a couple of products geared to oily,congested and spotty skins, as a last ditch attempt to sort out my boys skins.

Yesterday was the pinnacle of several days of pre warning,coaxing and cajoling in order to get my youngest to have a facial....can you believe it! Others would have jumped at the chance, but not my stubborn fellow Saggitarian.....

The effervescent toning tab is designed to be dropped into a bowl of boiling water and then you do a good old fashioned steaming session! For those that don't know what that's where you place your cleansed skin over a bowl of boiling water and the steam helps to increase the circulation to the face and relax the pores in order to allow for deep cleansing.
Can you believe it? 
My son was actually quite taken with the fizzy tablet and was very eager to put his face over the bowl with a towel over his head for the next 5mins....and allow the essential oil steam to work its wonders. 
The tablets contain Tea Tree essential oil, which is anti-bacterial , anti-fungal and is particularly effective on congested young skins.
The water that was used to do the steaming treatment can be left to cool and then bottled to be used as a daily clever is that? 
Just a point to remember the more water you use in your steaming bowl the more diluted the toner will be.If you didn't want to save, then you could just rinse your face with the water.

Following my sons steam he allowed me to do lots of blackhead extractions, which he was really in need of...and then we followed with a face mask also from LUSH, but more about that in a later post!

Would I buy this product again....most definitely YES! My son was impressed and asked how many tablets did I buy?,so it has certainly gained my otherwise, awkward child's approval and all this for R12...
LUSH are such clever people!

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