8 January 2013


This is the fifth part of my Back2Basics series of posts...


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The use of a face mask in the cosmetic sense dates back to possibly the Egyptian times.Well I don't quite go back that far, but I do remember back in the 70's at Beauty College having only five ingredients to work with i.e. Kaolin, Fullers Earth, Chamomile,Witch Hazel and Rose Water.These would be enthusiastically mixed together in bowls, with our wide paint brushes and applied to our fellow "would be" Beauty Therapists!

Thank goodness we have moved on and moved on we have!....
Today we have the most wonderful array of face masks to choose from. 
The above ingredients still form the basis of many "Clay" type face masks,but then along came the "Cream" face mask,which made masking so much more appealing. Whereas the clay masks hardened on the skin, the cream mask stayed soft and allowed freedom of movement....the face mask had been

Face masks used to be confined to the salon environment but no more, as ideally it should form part of your own home weekly beauty routine in between your monthly salon visit....

How do you choose the correct mask?
Masking is primarily determined by your skin type or skin condition i.e dry, combination,oily,dehydrated, ageing as today we have masks for everyone, even for the most sensitive skins, meaning that no skin type is left out...
Any beauty therapist or cosmetic consultant will be able to advise if you are not sure which mask is suitable for your skin....

What will a face mask do?
Depending on the skin type/condition and the mask chosen, the following benefits can be gained :

Soothing & Calming

The research and development that the companies put into products today is amazing. Face masks  are now more multi functional....in other words you can buy today, masks for example that are targeted to more mature women that have concerns with dryness,dehydration,ageing and radiance,so gone are the days of treating just the one concern!

How do I use?
Face masks are to be used preferably once or twice a week after an exfoliation or scrub, as this is when the skin is more receptive to the ingredients and therefore the benefits of the mask you have chosen.....generally they are removed with water or toner 10-15 minutes after application or in the case of the "newer" masks...you massage any excess into the skin and leave and do not remove. Most masks are not to be used around the eye area, but always follow the manufacturers recommendations. 
An exfoliator and a mask are a "husband and wife" team and go together.

Please try to set 20-30 minutes aside once of week for some "me" time and not only will your skin benefit, but mentally you will feel revived & refreshed.Another point to remember, is that you can have a couple of masks that you alternate with depending on the season and changes in your skin, so don't restrict yourself to just using the one!

I am not generally one to experiment or create products at home, as I like to leave it to the experts, however of all the beauty products, a mask is something that can be mixed successfully at home using nature's ingredients.
I hope to try out some easy recipes and give you feedback in a future post...so keep watching this  blog space!

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