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The first review "on my quest for a tinted moisturizer" is from the well established French brand Clarins and one that I used to work for, back in the day when Clarins was a fledgling skincare house trying to enter the South African beauty market.
Clarins was created by Jacques Courtin Clarins in 1954 and has been in South Africa since the early 1980's. Initially they focused on skin care and body care products based on plant extracts and in 1991 they diversified into producing a make-up line. I recall in those early days Jacques and his son Christian said that make-up was not a field that they would ever enter....Oh my! how things change with time...

Product Claims & Active Ingredients:

A flawless complexion and healthy-glowing skin, moisturisation and radiance in one easy step.

Katafray Bark Extract: moisturizing.
Mineral Pigments: Colour the skin with a transparent and natural finish.
Correcting Pigments: Minimises fine lines,imperfections and any visible signs of fatigue.
SPF 6 100% Mineral Filter protects against UV rays, pollution and free radicals.

Application & Texture:

The first thing I noticed upon application, was the HydraQuench moisturisation factor of this product and when I used it without make-up, it was good enough to use alone as a "tinted moisturizer, especially on a hot humid summers day in Durban! In winter I would most definitely use a day cream underneath though. The product was easy to apply and blended well on the skin and provided a good base for other make-up application like concealer, blusher etc..


I would rate the coverage of this product as "light to medium" and in my opinion it is pushing the boundaries of being a tinted moisturizer, to being on the verge of a light foundation. Even though it felt comfortable on my face, it did feel as though I had a light foundation on throughout the day, yet it felt more lightweight than my usual foundation that I wear daily.


Its available in four shades to suit all skin types. I tested both 03 and 04 and would use the darker 04 shade in summer and the lighter 03 in winter.




Overall impression:

I really enjoyed using this product, especially as I was on a quest to find a tinted moisturizer to use on the weekends "sans maquillage", but I instead I have discovered a light to medium coverage tinted moisturizer that I would consider ditching my foundation for! However I don't believe this would suit anyone who is looking for a lightweight "barely there" tinted moisturizer.
I like the fact that this product contains an SPF 6 , even though it isn't a high number,it does provide some protection, but I would always apply my normal higher protection moisturizer underneath regardless! I did see a radiance to my skin, that I wasn't expecting from a tinted moisturizer, but that just shows the advancement of this type of product.
Well..what more can I say? other than..complete shock and surprise, as this was not what I was expecting to find during my trials, but I am glad that I did....see it just shows, that we are never too old to learn and discover new things!

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