Friday, 25 January 2013


This weeks Friday Finds is a "foodie" post, a pastry one be be precise. It's also a very local post as Maison Caitlin can be found in the Sunningdale Village Centre, which also is the location of my favourite Indian restaurant Indian Summer. To read review click here

Maison Caitlin has been around for many months and I have heard wonderful reports about it,yet it's taken me until now to buy some of their pastries and bake.....yes that's correct BAKE....don't panic as they will bake for you.

The concept:
Direct sales to the public of HIGH QUALITY AND DELICIOUS:

French Croissants / Pain au chocolat
Danish Pastries
Belgian Profiteroles
Long-life creams for cooking, whipping and desserts
Mini milk portions
Jams and Condiments

Freezer to Oven
Conveniently packed in small quantities for home freezer storage
Ideal for family breakfasts, parties, decadent tea times, book clubs, social gatherings, desserts, general baking & decorating!

You Order, We Bake, You Collect
Having a function or a party. Place an order, specify the time you'd like to collect they will have your pastries ready.

I purchased the French butter croissants,defrosted them for 30mins,in the Durban heat it took about 10 mins and popped them into the oven and approximately 20 minutes later we had the most buttery,flaky,crispy croissants. Close your eyes and you could be back on a pavement cafe in Paris...bliss!
I also bought their new frozen half baguettes,which I haven't baked yet...mmmm imagine the smell of those baking in the oven. The smell of the croissants baking were divine and had us all "chomping at the bit" to take them out of the oven earlier!
My only complaint, is the convenience and ease of this whole process is too tempting and dangerous for me as, this is one of my many, many food vices..Their prices are very good,which makes it even more difficult to resist the French butter croissant temptation and reminisce.

Prices of their Popular Items:

French Butter Croissants
30g - Frozen - 6 Pack R 23.95
30g - Frozen - 12 Pack R 47.50
30g - Baked - Individual R 4.00
70g - Frozen - 6 Pack R 44.00
70g - Frozen - 12 Pack R 79.50
70g - Baked - Individual R 7.95

French Pain au Chocolat
30g - Frozen 6 Pack R 24.80
30g - Frozen 12 Pack R 49.00
30g - Baked - Individual R 4.95

You can order online For more info click here

Maison Caitlin
Shop 6, Sunningdale Centre,
Village Way,

031 572 2017

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 7am - 6pm
Sat/Sun 8am - 6pm

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