Friday, 11 January 2013


I am quite excited to write this next piece about the Holmes bros for two reasons, the first being that, Laurie and Gary are home grown right here in Durban North KZN!
The second reason is that they also have a 50% Sale off everything until their stocks are cleared, to make way for their new stock.
The bros grew up on the East Coast, taking full advantage of the tropical conditions,surfing and hanging out on the beach. 
The Holmes story started when Laurie was 14 and couldn’t get anybody to shape the boards he wanted to ride and eventually in frustration started shaping his own boards in the garage.
His ultra thin wafers were an instant hit at the beach and soon he was shaping boards for all the boys.

A Holmes logo was developed for the boards and it was only a short step to putting it onto t-shirts and board shorts.The bros then went on to study fine art and textile design and started seriously getting interested in fashion.
After a wild year travelling the world the dream was finalised and Laurie headed home to get it together,Gary stayed on in London and three years later in 1999 returned to SA to join Laurie.

‘Holmes Bros’ the brand is essentially a young men’s and ladies fashion collection of product and accessories.
Best known for their t-shirts, which take a quirky look at SA culture, the brand has a multi-cultural,young fashion flavor.
The product range is designed and made locally in South Africa.

A Holmes bros t-shirt has long been a "must have" item of clothing and you could even say that they have built up a "cult" following of Holmes bros quirky t-shirt followers.I always spot a Holmes bros "T" whenever I am out and about and it always brings a smile to my face....just like the staff Byron and Jethro did today in the La Lucia store. Although the shop is small it provides the perfect environment for these two guys to showcase
their own "quirky" humour to match the brand image...and it was refreshing to see in retail today! Thanks guys...

Jethro was so excited when I said that I would include this photo,so here is your moment of "Fame" Jethro in the hat... Enjoy...
Byron has the cool hair cut...or shave, which ever....
Oh! and those were my four t-shirts purchased in the purple bag on the counter.The bag is made from the remnants of fabric left over in the factory...I always like a clever idea.

Holmes Bros have three stores nationwide: 

To visit their website and order online click here

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