Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Tinted Moisturizer no.2 is from the French family owned and managed company, Sisley.
Founded in 1976 when the use of aromatherapy, phytotherapy, essential oils and botanical active ingredients was still a highly innovative concept. A relative "new kid" on the South African block Sisley is one of the few houses that I have no knowledge about whatsoever and this is the first product from their line-up that I have ever tried. After saying this my BFF in the UK has used Sisley for as long as I can remember and would not consider using any other range.....she swears by their products!

Product Claims & Active Ingredients:

The assurance of a healthy glow.
A perfectly natural radiance all day long.
Tinted moisturizer combined all the performance of a skin care cream with the radiance of a very natural make-up.

Long lasting hydration: provided through plant-derived Glycerine and mallow extract.
Ultimate comfort: the skin is nourished and softened with Sunflower Oil,Phytosqualane and Plum Oil
Matifying Action: a matifying powder absorbs excess sebum and prevents shiny skin, for a matte and velvety finish.

Application & Texture:

Again the application was very easy and it really didn't require any blending. I would describe the texture of this tinted moisturizer as being soft and lightweight and more like a good moisturizer with a natural looking tint in....This would be perfect for wearing on the weekend and ideal for using without make-up. Strangely enough though I found this Sisley tinted moisturizer to be quite a good base when I used it under the rest of my make-up.


It only evened out the tone of my skin slightly and didn't really provide any coverage, so it isn't verging on a foundation at all, but rather keeping to its name of a tinted moisturizer. Once on my face, even with some concealer and blush etc. I wasn't aware that I had anything on, but my skin felt comfortable and surprisingly nourished.


There are four shades to choose from and I used #03 Beige Cuivre. I often find the French brands make-up shades to sometimes not suit our SA market...and I think these four colours would be a problem for many skin tones and colours.



Overall Impressions:

This was by far the most expensive of my test products and also the least in quantity, as its 10mls less than the normal 50ml sizes, that most houses offer. It delivered exactly on what the product claims to do! I felt that it was a treatment cream with the added bonus of a light tint, so don't expect any more or less from this product. This would be well suited for a slightly combination skin due to the inclusion of the matifying powder, but I found it worked well on my skin which is normal to dry....What it doesn't contain is an SPF, so if you always use sun protection, you would need to use one in conjunction.


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