28 January 2013


I was gifted this beautiful box of Marks and Spencer Swiss Chocolate Collection for Christmas and what a lovely surprise to find it lurking in the depths of the fridge, surprised because it was the 25th of January and they hadn't been eaten! Now that was a record, as no chocolate ever lasts that long in a house occupied by three chocoholics.
Predominantly a collection of nut "choccies" its a perfect box of chocolates for me, as I love all types of nuts. Beware! as nine out of the twelve chocolates in the box contains nut,so anyone with nut allergies stay well clear!
This exclusive collection of milk, dark and white chocolate delivers an exquisite,smooth and creamy, melt-in-your mouth experience,a characteristic of fine Swiss chocolate.

The above description on the front of the box is exactly what each and every chocolate delivers, a real melt-in-your mouth experience.....my favourites were....all of them actually!
but how could a "nuttie chocoholic" not enjoy:

Comtesse : White chocolate with Almond cream filling and a Hazelnut Crocante.
Sienna : Smooth Almond and Pistachio filling in dark chocolate.
Triangolo : Hazelnut Gianduja coated with nibbed Hazelnuts and smooth milk chocolate.

And the list of delicious sounding and tasting Swiss chocolates goes on.......

Available at selected Woolworths:
125gr R69.95
250gr R119.95


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