Thursday, 24 January 2013


I recently was invited to a three course birthday luncheon along with 19 other females to 
Marcopaulo,which has long been the local eatery for the many residents of the nearby Mount Edgecombe Country Club Estate.
For a couple of years this restaurant was always our preferred choice and then for some reason it fell off our radar of good eating places.We never ever had a bad meal there, in fact we always enjoyed their food, but I suppose others restaurants come along and there you have it's off our screen...

Marcopaulo has stood the test of time,where others have come and gone....and I believe its because they have stayed true to their ethos:

This Eatery is about passion, simply put ..."We Love Food!" Our objective is to share with you flavours that we enjoy in a style that is down to earth. We may dress up dishes from time to time and play with flavours, however our focus is on the sophistication of simplicity.We draw inspiration from many cultures whilst remaining true to the Slow Food movement and old world cooking. We are conscious of what we feed you we continue to believe in using fresh herbs, hormone free meat and poultry, organic produce and real butter in the preparation of our food wherever possible.
The menu is extensive and really does suit all tastes and fancy's...even vegetarians. This being a birthday lunch a selection of five of their starters were offered on platters for all to share,which suits me fine, as I love "tasters".

The crispy phyllo prawns with Asian Tartar were "delish" as the phyllo stayed crispy...
West Coast mussels with champagne butter....I don't eat mussels, but judging by the empty platters they were good! 
Camembert spring rolls with chilli tomato and ginger relish were a must for any cheese lovers...
Parmigiano  brinjal were cooked to perfection and a selection of Bruschetta completed the tasty offering.

Feeling quite full after the starters I then choose their Char grilled peppercorn fillet with cream and brandy, nothing light for "Hey" it was lunch time and I had walked for an hour in the morning! 

The other options were:
A wild mushroom risotto,which the risotto fans raved about...
Chicken parmigiano fettuccine...
Grilled line fish option...

Unfortunately my medium/rare order of fillet was mixed up with a medium/well order but enjoyable all the same.

The one option for a desert was a Creme Brulee which is one my favourites,so no problem deciding which to order.I remembered that they always made a "good one" in fact I had a beautiful delicate tasting Lavender Creme Brulee on a previous visit and it was heaven in a ramekin...

Other than the mix up with the fillet my choices were delicious and this luncheon has most definitely put Marcopaulo back onto my dining radar screen..

Starters  R42-R60
 Mains      R60-R130
Deserts   R39-R45

They also have a good selection of wines and daily food specials. They also do a lighter lunch menu and those prices vary between R48-R69.

P.s. I cannot deny that I over indulged and feeling guilty I walked for another hour in the early that made it all ok! I wished.....

Shop 3 Accord House
2 Golf Course Drive
Mount Edgecombe
031 502 2221

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