30 January 2013


Givenchy Hydra Sparkling is the last review of the four tinted moisturizers that I have been trying over the past few weeks, in my quest to find a tinted moisturizer...and will it be the case, that I saved the best till last?
This tinted moisturizer is just one of eight products in this Hydra Sparkling Skin care range.

Product Claims & Active Ingredients:

A moisturizer that is thirst-quenching, energizing and exhilarating! An exceptional technology that traps moisture within the skin through a sparkling “effervescence”. 

The skin is intensely rehydrated and fully re-energized, glowing with radiance.
Protects and Illuminates the skin whilst diminishing imperfections.
Evens out and enhances the complexion.
Ideally moisturized and preserved, the skin looks resplendent with light for an ultra- natural healthy glow effect.

Sparkling Water Complex - a unique and concentrated five-molecule compound that generates genuine 'sparkling water' deep within the skin. 

Moisturizing luminescence, light pigments and fine pearlescent particles  

Application & Texture:

More "liquid" than any of the other tinted moisturizers that I tried, it certainly didn't have any foundation like texture to it, but rather a good, light moisturizing feel. The application was similar, as it felt as thou you were just applying your normal moisturizer and no blending or care was needed. It was readily absorbed into my skin and left no surface stickiness.


This product offered a very light coverage and as they claim, it evens out and enhances the complexion. As with all the previous tinted moisturizers, I used both alone and as part of my daily make-up routine...and my skin especially enjoyed the Sparkling Water Complex which kept my skin moisturized and dewy throughout the day.


There are three shades available, I used the No 2 Luminescent Gold which was perfect for my colouring.



Overall Impression:

Yes ! I was impressed with the lightweight texture, light coverage and the radiant glow that it gave to my "mature"  skin.....plus it has the added bonus of an SPF 15. Since using this product, I am now curious to try some of the other products in the Hydra Sparkling Skin Care line...and experience the benefits of the Sparkling Water Complex!

When I started on my quest for a tinted moisturizer I expected it to be a fairly simple process, after all I was only trying four, so how difficult could it be?

Well! it really was more difficult than I first thought...I will do a follow up post, as to which Tinted moisturizers I will continue to use.

Available at Givenchy counters in selected Edgars,Red Squares and Stuttafords stores.

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  1. fab, I saw it being listed as a top-highlighter on red.co.uk and your elaborate review helps me a lot :)