22 August 2019


Concealers just like mascaras can be a bit of a "hit and miss" affair for most of us
and I've had my fair share of "misses".
As with mascaras we are demanding so much more from a concealer, we want it
to conceal darkness, cover up redness, camouflage spots, freckles and blemishes, illuminate, moisturise, be a perfect colour match, it mustn't settle in our lines and wrinkles, in a nutshell we are demanding that it literally eradicates every flaw that we don't like to see on our face.

What works for one doesn't necessarily work for all and over the years I have found that these top 3 concealers work best for me, depending on what I'm looking to conceal, bearing in mind that I'm not discussing any coverage of spots or pimples, as I don't have
any to cover.

This list is always work in progress and as I discover new concealers, that I love then,
 the list will change and I'll update you over time.
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*N.B. Prices may have changed*


Lasting Perfection

Unfortunately this concealer is not available in South Africa and I only got to hear
about via UK beauty bloggers and all the hype is justified.
It's long wearing, conceals well, non drying, transfer proof, water resistant and best of all its as "cheap as chips".


Industrial Strength

In my opinion benefit are the best when it comes to concealing, so if you're not sure where to start then pop along to a benefit counter to check out their super selection of concealers for literally all concerns. 
INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CONCEALER which, as its name suggests,
 is a full coverage "conceal it all" type of product and it's my favourite.
This is my "go to" for those serious under eye cover up situations, especially after late nights or the redness around the nose or to cover up broken capillaries, pigmentation



I did say that benefit are the best where concealing products are concerned and here's another of their magic creations.This is my first choice for everyday concealing under the eye area, as this creamy, soft to the touch, lightweight, sheer to medium coverage concealer melts into the skin seamlessly and doesn’t crease, cake or crack, perfect for under the eyes.

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