Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Next week sees the launch in South Africa of the new ladies fragrance MANIFESTO from the Yves Saint Laurent stable. 
Yves Saint Laurent is an iconic name in both fashion and fragrance, I am sure we can all name several YSL fragrances e.g. Opium, Rive Gauche, Paris, Jazz and Kouros to name but a few.
However MANIFESTO will be totally different to what we have come to expect from a YSL fragrance creation,it proclaims to have attitude, audacity, presence, an aura, it will be dazzling, daring and sparkling yet above all, it will be feminine.

 MANIFESTO has an unusual choice of ingredients.
The green notes provide modernity and immediacy. 
Jasmine brings extreme femininity
Tonka bean adds a dazzling sensuality.
 They claim that it is the encounter of these three elements that is at the heart
Another floral offering you may think, but
Anne Flipo & Loc Dong are the creators of this latest addition and say
"It would be simplistic to call it a floral fragrance, even
though jasmine is one of its main aspects.
Jasmine is a magical flower with many, many sides to it: ultra
feminine, incredibly rich, opulent and sensual. I think this is what enabled us to give MANIFESTO
so much sensuality and femininity".

It all sounds exciting and somewhat rebellious, I personally can't wait to try!
It will be available exclusively at Edgars and Red Squares from the 4th February and from the 4th  of March, it will be available from other Yves Saint Laurent stockists.

30ml Edp R675
50ml Edp R995
 75ml Edp R1150

MANIFESTO was launched overseas during the last quarter of 2012. Enjoy this video, which features the beautiful YSL Ambassadress Jessica Chastain , a recent Golden Globe "Best Actress" recipient. Oh! and the guy in this video ain't too shabby either....more details in my follow up post!

P.S. Fancy painting in a YSL couture creation...what a waste...or is that the MANIFESTO in her?

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